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Business Data Science
The best tools should be in the hands of those facing today's greatest social and business challenges.
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Cloud-based advanced analytics for process automation and better decision making

We develop analytics solutions in the cloud to help our clients get the most out of their data. We combine cutting-edge methods in machine learning, Ph.D.-level data scientists, and deep business insights, with superior customer service and an emphasis on knowledge transfer.

data engineering

Data ingestion and automated processing of data, small and large.

Business intelligence

Data analysis and visualization to identify key insights.

Data science

Predictive and prescriptive models of artificial intelligence and machine learning for decision making.

Information is the oil of the 21st century…
analytics is the combustion engine
Peter Sondegaard
Advanced analytics within everyone’s reach

We’re convinced that cutting-edge data science and cloud technologies should be in the hands of those dealing with the greatest societal and business challenges today.


Business strategy not technology is our starting point.


Analytics solutions with the most advanced cloud technologies and statistical methods.


Pay as you go, without investment in infrastructure or licenses.


Quick wins and visible results.


Strong ties to our clients and knowledge transfer.

wha it is...

INTERPRO-DS: Internodes Process For Data Science
Based on well-known frameworks such as CRISP-DM AUSUM-DM TDSP we developed our own lean method to set up, manage and deliver analytics services on the cloud. With an agile and iterative method we quickly align stakeholders expectations and efforts with clearly structured projects to achieve measurable, cost-effective results in all our data-intensive applications.

People and brands that have trusted us and are making better decisions

Multiple analytics projects across the globe and across verticals.